Mortar Board Taps New Members

The Torch Chapter of Mortar Board at Rhodes College has tapped 34 students for membership. “Tapping” is the step that occurs after a candidate applies and has been selected, but before formal initiation. It is a way to let candidates know that they have been chosen to become members of Mortar Board.

Only a select few students on each campus are invited to join this esteemed society, which recognizes achievements in scholarship, leadership and service. Mortar Board was founded in 1918, and the Torch chapter at Rhodes was established in 1964.

The Rhodes chapter will induct the following individuals on April 6:

Paul Brandt 
Quentin Buck 
Alex Dileo 
Doug Fetterman 
Annika Gage 
Rebecca Hampton 
Emily Hayward 
Abigail Hicks 
Emily Hoch 
Annie Hohlt 
Chloe Hundman 
Charlie Kelly 
Hannah Lewellen 
Allison Limmer 
Monali Lipman 
Sumner Magruder 
Chloe Meriwether 
Eliza Merlotti 
Catherine Miller 
Theodore Nollert 
Hannah Orth 
Ying (Samantha) Ouyang 
Will Porter 
Madhuri Prasad 
Kathryn Roys 
Sydney Sepulveda 
Tom Simmermaker 
Aashray Singareddy 
Alexis Smith 
Camille Smith 
Seth Tilman 
Preston Wilson 
Tiana Winstead 
Alix de Witt