Meaghan Waff ’17 Selected to Study Abroad at Prestigious London School of Economics

Rhodes sophomore Meaghan Waff has been accepted to study abroad in the prestigious London School of Economics’ (LSE) year-long General Course. This is a first for a Rhodes student.

LSE students are drawn from all over the world, and Waff will have the opportunity to study the social sciences from a truly global perspective with an international community. The school also is home to the British Library of Political and Economic Science, the world′s largest social science library.

“I have been planning to study abroad for as long as I can remember. I just never thought it would be at such a prestigious institution,” says Waff. “I am ecstatic to study abroad in a country that has such a vast history of interacting with other nations. Having never been to Europe, I am extremely excited not only to live in England, but also to travel throughout Europe, visiting different sites and experiencing various cultures. I believe that study abroad is a crucial part of the college experience because it allows us to gain a sense of cultural understanding. For me, this familiarity with another culture is extremely important for my future career goals.”

Waff learned about the London School of Economics’ General Course through speaking with Rhodes′ Associate Director of International Programs Erin Hillis. “When I told her that I wanted to study abroad for an entire year, she got extremely excited and pulled up the General Course webpage and started talking about how amazing the school is and how much she wanted a student to go there,” Waff says. “After meeting with her, I started doing my own research on the London School of Economics and got more excited the more I looked into it. If Erin had not recommended me for the program, I would not have known about the General Course, let alone applied.”

A graduate of Warren Township High School in Gurnee, IL, Waff is passionate about raising awareness to end domestic violence, encouraging leadership among women and children, and working to achieve gender equality. Waff also is an avid supporter of increasing cultural understanding.

Since coming to Rhodes, she has served as an International Peer Advisor and chair of Mid-South Model United Nations’ Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee as well as participated in the Women′s Leadership Initiative.

After graduating from Rhodes, she plans to pursue a career in international diplomacy or policy analysis.