Lucy Rosenbloom ′15

Hometown: Towson, MD
Major: Urban Studies

While most Rhodes students cheered on the Memphis Grizzlies from the FedEx Forum stands during last spring’s successful run to post-season NBA play, Lucy Rosenbloom ’15 spent game days courtside.

It all started with a Rhodes Career Services event, where Lucy shared her interest in working with a professional sports team with one of the counselors. There, she learned about an internship with the Grizzlies communications department.  Lucy, an urban studies major, promptly applied, and was lucky enough to be selected. “My goal for the internship was really to get a foot in the industry,” Lucy explains. “You meet so many people with all the teams visiting and media coming.”

During the season, Lucy worked on game days alongside nine other interns. They arrived three hours before the game began to organize seat assignments and distribute credentials to the media as they checked in. “I personally think some of the coolest conversations I’ve had have been with some of the visiting team’s media,” says Lucy.

During games, two interns sit on the floor directly behind the visiting team’s bench, running stats. At the same time, the other interns work in the media room compiling notes about the other NBA games being played into packets to distribute to coaches after the game. Following the game, the interns stay to record and transcribe locker room interviews and press conferences, and distribute them to the media.

Lucy says that even simple things she learned during her time at FedEx Forum complemented her studies at Rhodes. For example, she used the transcribing skills she learned working with the media for her final paper in her urban studies Senior Seminar course.

Lucy says the internship also turned out to be really helpful when trying to figure out her goals after graduation.  “I don’t know what I want do as an end plan. But I do know what I want the next step to be, and I think that’s pretty important.”  And that next step? Continue to gain experience in the world of pro sports by pursuing a year-long internship in the Grizzlies community relations department. Hopefully, there will be more courtside seats in Lucy’s future!

By Ali Swee ‘16