LaRosa’s History of Colombia Appears in Translation

A new edition of Prof. Michael J. LaRosa’s Colombia: A Concise Contemporary History (co-authored with German Mejia) has appeared in Spanish. The translated version is titled Historia Concisa de Colombia, 1810-2013 – Guia Para el Lector Desprevenido.

Originally published in 2012 by Rowman and Littlefield, the book was translated after LaRosa and Mejia received a competitive award from the Colombian Ministry of Culture. The translation was published through a consortium arrangement at two university presses, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Universidad del Rosario—both in Bogota.

Tracing two centuries of Colombian history, the book presents the political, social, and cultural accomplishments of the Colombian people. In contrast to previous historians who have focused undue attention on the country’s violent past, LaRosa and Mejía emphasize Colombia’s remarkable national cohesion and endurance since the early nineteenth century. The book, divided into 10 brief chapters, includes a photo essay with sixteen photographs that help the reader visualize Colombia’s history. Seven maps were drawn by the authors for this book, and the work contains a detailed chronology, resource guide and select bibliography.