Julia Price ′14

Hometown: Highland Park, IL
Major: Psychology
Minor: Film Studies

Academic interests: Psychology, film, sociology, and French. I participated in the Hendrix-Rhodes Film Studies Research Symposium last year. I wrote and presented a paper on tracking the evolution of the civil rights movement through film.

Extracurricular activities:  varsity field hockey, Rhodes Diplomat, Delta Delta Delta

Tell the story of how you got to Rhodes College.

I had gone to the same school K-12 and lived in the same area and the same house my entire life. So when I was looking for colleges, I knew I wanted something completely different. I applied to 13 colleges across the Midwest and the East Coast, all of which were very similar to Rhodes, but none of them gave me what I was looking for. Rhodes was the only Southern school I applied to and the last school I visited. I knew it would provide me with a great education and allow me to continue my athletic involvement in an environment completely foreign to me. Also, when I visited in February of my senior year, I left two feet of snow in Chicago and was wandering around in shorts and flip flops in Memphis.

I was drawn to Rhodes students because you can′t put them in a box. You can′t easily define them. No one is simply a jock, theater kid, or Greek member; everyone is so involved that they destroy all stereotypes. I have always had a wide array of interests and I knew that I would be able to continue that at Rhodes.

How have you changed since beginning your studies at Rhodes College?

I knew Rhodes would have a lasting impact on my life, and it has. You can never truly know yourself until you are removed from your environment. Simply being in a different region, where people speak differently, act differently, and have their own set of customs, helped me to examine how I speak and act and what customs I follow and value.  Rhodes has changed me because it taught me about myself and provided me with the opportunity to grow in a new environment. I am now a Northerner with a little pinch of Southern flair.

Academically, I have grown as a product of the liberal arts education. I know how to think, write, analyze, and communicate. The value of a liberal arts education is truly unbelievable.  I have enjoyed learning many different disciplines and getting to interact with my peers and my professors on a regular basis. This is a campus of truly amazing people and this community has changed the way I think, live, and understand my environment.

You are a four-year member of the field hockey team, and served as captain your senior year. How has the sport enriched your college experience?

It has been an incredible journey that I value more than I can adequately express. I had a reality check as a freshman. I left a program where I was a top player and key contributor. At Rhodes, I joined a team of high caliber players, and I quickly learned what it was like to sit the bench: to give my all, knowing that my greatest contribution to the team was being competitive during practice and supportive on the sidelines.

As a senior, I was honored and humbled when I was voted team captain by my wonderful teammates. It brought my entire career full circle. My time on the field hockey field at Rhodes (especially that gorgeous new one) taught me the value of hard work and dedication, the importance of being a true teammate, and provided me with a winning mentality. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the winning legacy that is Rhodes field hockey, and I am so proud and grateful to play alongside these amazing women and be a member of the Rhodes field hockey family.

Tell us about your internship at a public relations firm in Chicago. Did your experience as a Rhodes College Diplomat help you in this job?

I worked for Kurman Communications in downtown Chicago. It was almost like every part of my Rhodes College career had prepared me to be successful in this internship position. My film studies minor, which is based in the English department, provided me with the writing skills I needed to be successful in drafting press releases. My work within my psychology major provided me with analytical skills and a basic understanding of human behavior, which are vital in communications and PR. As a Rhodes student athlete, I learned to effectively manage my time, to work well under pressure, to meet deadlines, and to work within a team.

My time as a Rhodes Diplomat, as a summer intern in Admission, and as an Admission panelist, helped me improve my public speaking skills and made me comfortable speaking with people from all different backgrounds. I also acquired marketing and sales skills helpful to the PR/communications world because, essentially, my job as a diplomat is a sales job. I sell the Rhodes College experience.

What are your future plans?

Working for Admission helped me discover my desire to pursue a career in PR because I loved the fun, upbeat environment and the sales component of the job.
I applied for a position in the marketing department of a Chicago communications company specializing in video, interactive, and events--I start a week after graduation!

Compiled by Ellie Skochdopole ′15