Demitri Jerow ′14

Hometown:Racine, Wisconsin

You are a student government senator. Did you participate in student government in high school?
I did a couple years in high school and really liked it. At Rhodes, I wanted to get involved right when I got to school. I’ve found that student government does a whole lot more than I expected. The major project this year has been increasing student spirit and attendance at events, especially sporting events. 

How do you increase school spirit?
Well there’s a catch-22. You have all these students who are involved in different organizations, which is a great thing, but it means we have fewer spectators. I would never tell people to be less involved, so we try to increase awareness of how the athletic teams are doing and to encourage students to support the teams when they can. 

What activities are you involved in?
Earlier this semester I decided to try the adopt-a-friend program over at Snowden Elementary. I go over to the school every week and meet with a fourth grader just to hang out and serve as a mentor, something some of these kids might not have otherwise. 

What advice would you have for the incoming Class of 2015?
That’s something I would recommend to the incoming freshman: Try a few new things, even if you think they might not work out for you. You might not like everything you do, but you’ll probably find some things you do like and that’s the point of it. I don’t have it all figured out yet but I think that’s all right. 

Freshmen: I’m going to be a Peer Advisor leader this August, and I’m looking forward to that, so I’ll be seeing you on campus during Welcome Week.