Common Rooms on Campus

Looking for a place to chill or get some studying done? While the Middle Ground is an awesome place to chit-chat with friends, sometimes it’s nice to have a more private space to hunker down and do your work. The best place for this—the common room. And with many common rooms all across campus, it’s easy to find the best one for you. The common rooms on campus are very versatile—they are used for meetings, studying and informal socializing. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Robinson/Blount 
If you’re looking for a primo space, complete with a large TV and a full kitchen, look no further than the Common Room in the Robinson/Blount building. It’s cozy and spacious, and there’s even a piano if you decide you can’t live without some live music.

2. Bellingrath 
Tucked away in a back corner of campus, the common room on the first floor of Bellingrath is nearly always empty. The quiet hallways of the dorm provide a distraction-free environment to study the night away.

3. East Village 
The classic common room space includes comfy couches, window seats, and a television. It’s a great place to watch a big sports game or the upcoming Academy Awards. Bonus: there is an outdoor seating area with a grill for the next time you decide to throw a cookout.

4. West Village 
Looking to host a banquet? The West Village common room is the place for you. Equipped with a full kitchen and long wooden table, it’s a perfect space for throwing a fancy dinner party for all of your best friends. The long tables that oftentimes host delectable feasts are easily transformed into long study tables for exam-stressed students, making it easier to organize ideas in a spacious environment!

5. Trezevant Conservatory 
The perfect place for everything from doing work to having a formal pregame. The space is large, and wicker furniture provides everyone with a place to lounge. In the past, the Trez Conservatory has been used to host A.S.I.A’s Sushi Night along with group movie nights. Also, a mini-kitchen is available so you can whip up a batch of cookies for all of your friends.