Chemistry Major Diana Bigler ’15 Wins Presentation Award Based on Honors Research

Recently, the Rhodes Department of Chemistry and the St. Jude Department of Chemical Biology co-hosted the second annual Undergraduate Chemistry Symposium on campus. At this symposium, students presented research performed at Rhodes, St. Jude, and the University of Memphis.

Senior chemistry major Diana Bigler won first place for a presentation based on her honors research. Bigler also is first author on a manuscript soon to be published in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry. It is titled “Effects of Implicit Solvent and Relaxed Amino Acid Side Chains on the MP2 and DFT Calculations of Ligand-protein Structure and Electronic Interaction Energies of Dopaminergic Ligands in the SULT1A3 Enzyme Active Site.”

The manuscript is co-authored by Professors Mauricio Cafiero and Larryn Peterson and also is based on Bigler’s honor research. A graduate of Bowling Green High School in Kentucky, she has been working with Cafiero since her first year at Rhodes.