On-Campus Jobs

Attending college comes with a lot of new experiences—including living off a college budget, which can be a struggle. Fortunately, Rhodes offers students a variety of positions that offer real-world work experience. The money’s not too shabby either—you can finally get a meal besides Ramen noodles!

By Caroline Ponseti ’15

Annual Fund Phone-a-thon: Students experience connections to former Rhodes students by calling alumni for the Annual Fund Phone-a-thon, a program through the Development Office. Students working the phone-a-thon work hours at night, which makes it a flexible job for students with busy schedules.

RSAP: The Rhodes Students Associate Program employs students to fill job positions that require advanced skills that would translate to the “real world.” RSAs, as they are called, perform and fulfill various duties on campus. Some of these real-world opportunities include designing a recycling program, managing the phone-a-thon, or even writing this article! You must be at least a sophomore to become and RSA.

Peer Tutoring: Departments hire students who have excelled in a certain discipline, like Economics, German, or Computer Science, to serve as a peer tutor to students taking that class. Peer tutors master their understanding of the subject matter while providing a beneficial service to fellow students.

Writing Center Tutors: Writing Center tutors are generally English majors nominated by the English faculty that have been trained in tutor writing through their English 465 course. They meet with students in half-hour sessions to help them refine their pieces of writing. The tutors have the opportunity to develop their editing skills through this position.

Student Employment: Students may qualify for a student employee position as a part of their financial-aid package. Typical student employment positions include working the library checkout desk, designing and sewing costumes for the theatre department costume shop, or even serving as chauffer to the Rhodes golf cart.