Upcoming Events


2015–16 Memphis-area events:

October 23, 2015 (2-5pm, McCoy Studio): Symposium on Shakespearean comedy, with Fiona Ritchie, Nick Hutchison, and rehearsed readings by Rhodes students.

April 21–23, 2016 (Blount Auditorium): Symposium on the year 1616, with Thomas Christensen and many other speakers across the liberal arts.


June 4–21: A Midsummer Night′s Dream, Tennessee Shakespeare Company (University of Memphis Theatre)

July 6–August 15: ′And there’s the humor of it′: Shakespeare and the four humors, exhibit at the UT Health Sciences Library

October 18–24: Romeo and Juliet, Ballet Memphis (Playhouse on the Square)

October 23–November 8: Titus Andronicus, New Moon Theatre (TheatreWorks)

February 26–27, 2016: "Why Isn′t Shakespeare Dead?" Strode symposium (University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa)

April 22-23, 2016: "The Poet′s Shakespeare" Strode symposium (University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa)

The Pearce Shakespeare Endowment greatly enhanced my education at Rhodes. I had the extraordinary opportunity to engage with scholars whose work we read in our Shakespeare courses.  Presentations by leading thinkers sparked intriguing class discussions, and inspired students about the latest intellectual developments.  The Pearce Shakespeare Endowment engages in Rhodes′ tradition of academic discussions that continue far beyond the classroom. – Samantha Smith ′14