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  1. Lori Garner

    and literate culture. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS Books Structuring Spaces: Oral Poetics and Architecture in Early ... a Plant in Anglo-Saxon England.” Public Declamations: Essays on Medieval Rhetoric, Education, and Letters ... Association, 1998. 403-22. [Rev. Choice 36 (1999): 1611]. Invited Pieces and Reviews “Judith.” The Encyclopedia ...

    troma-17 - 11/01/2016

  2. Larryn Peterson

    College (Chemistry) SELECTED PUBLICATIONS S.N. Malkowski, C.F. Dishuck, G.G. Lamanilao, C.P. Embry, C.S. ... nucleoside-amino acid conjugates as potential antibacterial agents, Molecules, 2017,  22(10), 1682. DOI: ...

    troma-17 - 07/20/2018

  3. Stephen Ceccoli

    academic research on comparative public opinion, health policy, public attitudes toward health policy ... questions, regulatory politics, and public attitudes toward regulatory issues.  He is the author of the book, ... recently authored a number of articles on public attitudes toward issues such the use of genetically ...

    troma-17 - 05/23/2018

  4. Barron Boyd

    cutting-edge, world-class programs in global experiential learning at my alma mater. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS ... Bills of Rights." Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies 22 (April 2006). ...

    troma-17 - 11/08/2017

  5. Charles McKinney

    they are encouraged—required, actually—to become vocal and engaged members of the academic community we’re trying to create ... music, movies and anything else I can find that will give my students a sense of how life was lived ... 1930-1964."  American Studies Association Conference, Hartford, Conn.  October 2003.   Interview on Public ...

    troma-17 - 11/06/2017

  6. Elizabeth Bridges

    shows. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS Book: Nazisploitation!: The History, Aesthetics and Politics of the Nazi ... McFarland Publishers, 2009. 91-103. “Love Parade GmbH vs. Chicks on Speed: Electronic Music as a Mode ...

    troma-17 - 07/06/2017

  7. Chris Seaton

    I′m usually listening to or making music. I play bass guitar in a few local Memphis bands, currently ... live music performance is a good session of working on mathematics--and I often try to combine ... tell you that I am the heaviest sleeper they′ve ever met. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (with Hans-Christian ...

    troma-17 - 09/11/2017

  8. Amy Risley

    Inequalities and Social Policy,” entailed academic exchanges, site visits, and excursions outside of Havana ... listening to music, and watching films and documentaries. Above all, I love spending time with my family. ... SELECTED PUBLICATIONS Civil Society Organizations, Advocacy, and Policy Making in Latin American ...

    troma-17 - 07/28/2017

  9. Honors, Student Research, and Opportunities for Special Study

    visit the  Student Publications  section of the History website. Opportunities for Special Study Bridge ... majors with the Music department, the Art & Art History department, the Theatre department, ... Institute for Regional Studies  is dedicated to furthering academic research on Memphis and the Mid-South. ...

    petaa-18 - 11/06/2017

  10. Thank You

    as research in academic, governmental, and corporate settings. Read More Department of Art and Art History ... and minors benefit from public and private critiques involving faculty and outside professional critics ... including International Economics, Labor Economics, Economic History, Econometrics, Public Economics, ...

    admin - 01/11/2016