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  1. Kiren Khan

    the connections between language and literacy development. Selected Publications Khan, K.S. & Justice, L.M. ...

    filesj - 11/17/2017

  2. Daniel Ullucci

    PUBLICATIONS Books 2015      A Most Reliable Witness: Essays in Honor of Ross S. Kraemer. Co-edited with N. ... “Prophets vs. Texts About Prophets.” Bibliana 1: 18-23. 2008    “Before Animal Sacrifice: A Myth ... Meanings, eds. J. Knust and Z. Varhelyi. Oxford University Press. Online Publications 2014     “Sacrifice ...

    troma-17 - 07/12/2017

  3. Kendra Hotz

    an innovative, community-integrative academic program that engages students in open dialogue about the complex relationships between ... Hotz is the faculty contact for Religious Studies student internship programs. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS ... 2009): 15-23. “I Samuel 2:18-20, 26,” “Sirach 24:1-12,” and “Isaiah 60:1-6,” in Feasting on the Word: ...

    troma-17 - 12/12/2017

  4. David Mason

    not a French word.   SELECTED PUBLICATIONS Brigham Young: Sovereign in America  (New York: Routledge, 2014) ... India”, Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism 18.1 (2003) SELECTED RESEARCH AFFILIATIONS 2014 HOWARD FELLOW, ...

    troma-17 - 11/06/2017

  5. Stephen Ceccoli

    academic research on comparative public opinion, health policy, public attitudes toward health policy ... questions, regulatory politics, and public attitudes toward regulatory issues.  He is the author of the book, ... recently authored a number of articles on public attitudes toward issues such the use of genetically ...

    troma-17 - 10/18/2017

  6. Shadrack Nasong'o

    2004, Ph.D., Public and International Affairs, Northeastern University 1995, M.A., International ... forms of statehood in nine African countries. In my fourth publication, a monograph entitled The Human ... to be released by Carolina Academic Press in November and December 2015 respectively. My current research focuses ...

    troma-17 - 07/27/2017

  7. Gary Lindquester

    SELECTED PUBLICATIONS Refereed Papers Epstein-Barr Virus IL-10 Gene Expression by a Recombinant Murine ... Philip E. Pellett, Gary J. Lindquester, Paul Feorino, and Carlos Lopez, Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. 278:9-18 ...

    troma-17 - 07/28/2017

  8. David Kabelik

    Physiology and Neuroscience courses. Professor Kabelik′s lab  SELECTED PUBLICATIONS Kabelik D., Magruder D.S. ... of the ventromedial hypothalamus in the tree lizard, Urosaurus ornatus. Hormones and Behavior 54: 18-27. Kabelik D., ...

    troma-17 - 08/02/2017

  9. Barron Boyd

    cutting-edge, world-class programs in global experiential learning at my alma mater. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS ... (Spring) 1978, pp. 18-24. "Southern African Interactions: The Foreign Policy Perspective", ...

    troma-17 - 11/08/2017

  10. Adriane Johnson-Williams

    Part-time Visiting Instructor Political Science williamsa ...

    wallacen - 09/19/2017