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  1. Dhammika Muesse

    Chemistry) B. S. University of Colombo, Sri Lanka (Bio-science) Assistant Professor of Chemistry Chemistry ... of the proto-oncoprotein Qin. Bio Polymers Gordon Conference, Newport, Rhode Island, June 2002. muessed Chemistry 120 - ...

    troma-17 - 11/18/2016

  2. Judy Pierce

    Administrative Assistant Education 104 Education Building, West Campus 901-843-3169 piercej ...

    filesj - 09/04/2018

  3. Kathy Evans

    Ph.D. in Education and Human Development, Vanderbilt University Director of Teacher Licensure and Field Placements Education Master of Arts in Urban Education 109 Education Building, West Campus 901-843-3306 Kathy Evans joins the Educati ...

    filesj - 09/10/2018

  4. Nikolaos Zahariadis

    1992, Ph.D., University of Georgia 1988, M.A., University of Georgia 1984, B.A., Slippery Rock University Mertie Buckman Chair, Professor of International Studies International Studies Film Studies 111 Buckman Hall (901) 843-3315 Pr ...

    petaa-18 - 09/20/2018

  5. Joy Brooke Fairfield

    Ph.D. in Performance Studies (Stanford); MA in Performance Studies (NYU); BA (Harvard) Assistant Professor of Theatre Theatre Film Studies Gender and Sexuality Studies Latin American Studies 131 The McCoy Theatre (901) 843-3937 Joy B ...

    petaa-18 - 09/07/2018

  6. Jaqueline Oliveira

    Yale University, USA     Ph.D. in Economics, 2013  ​    M.Phil. in Economics, 2011 ​    M.A. in Economics, 2009 University of São Paulo, Brazil ​     M.Sc. in Economics, 2008 Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil ​     B.A. in Economics, 2006 Assista ...

    petaa-18 - 03/23/2018

  7. David Pike

    Assistant Professor of Biology Biology 162 The Frazier Jelke Science Center (901) 843-3089 I study interactions among organisms and their environment to explore questions related to ecology, evolution, and conservation in a global change ...

    petaa-18 - 09/07/2018

  8. Erin Honsa

    B.Sc – Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia Ph.D – Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas Postdoctoral Fellowship – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Assistant Professor of Biology Biology 140b The Frazier Jelke Science Center ( ...

    petaa-18 - 08/22/2018

  9. Elaine Frawley

    PhD: Biology and Biomedical Sciences, Washington University 2010 BA: Biology, Washington University 2003 Assistant Professor of Biology Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 142 The Frazier Jelke Science Center (901) 843-3562 In o ...

    petaa-18 - 08/21/2018

  10. Michael Flexsenhar III

    Ph.D. The University of Texas at Austin M.T.S. Vanderbilt Divinity School B.A. Rhodes College Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Religious Studies 408 Clough Hall Dr. Flexsenhar received his Ph.D. in Ancient Mediterra ...

    petaa-18 - 08/20/2018