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  1. Take Advantage of Big Diehl Events!

    on a college budget.  The Big Diehl program provides opportunities for students to experience Memphis ...

    troma-17 - 06/03/2015

  2. Brice Queener Named College’s First Women’s Lacrosse Coach

    plans to sponsor an NCAA Women’s Lacrosse program beginning the 2013-14 academic/sports year.    Queener ...

    clasm-17 - 09/14/2015

  3. Ruthie Mengistu ′14

    I came to Rhodes, I encountered the opposite problem. Through the Foundations program, my eyes became ...

    clasm-17 - 09/25/2015

  4. Why We Love Shakespeare

    as an individual,” says Leslie, who is dean of Rhodes’ British Studies At Oxford program. “We know that he marries ...

    morjc-17 - 06/02/2015

  5. Rhodes Welcomes the New Head of Search

    of the Search program and about 60 percent of incoming students elect to take Search. The course is so well ... similar programs on Search. Just prior to the 2011-12 academic session, Rhodes appointed a new program ... out a variety of professors to teach in the program. He is also responsible for organizing ...

    troma-17 - 06/04/2015

  6. Andrew Roskos-Ewoldsen ′15

    for the future. Rhodes had a strong soccer program, a highly regarded International Studies department ...

    clasm-17 - 09/25/2015

  7. The Environmental Scientists

    Chair, Environmental Studies/Environmental Sciences  Program Committee Environmental Studies and Environmental Sciences are new additions to the Rhodes ... curriculum. Can you discuss their evolution? Students really fought for these programs. Lee Bryant ’11 ... was the first student to major in Environmental Studies. This was before the program had been established, ...

    suggsa - 10/02/2015

  8. A Grand Division

    that finds students touring breweries, FedEx Paris and the offices of diamond merchants to “learn more than ...

    suggsa - 10/06/2016

  9. Jocelyn Dan Wurzburg: Energized By Issues

    of four panelists. When participants presented a program, they played up the fact that they were ‘just ... in all its schools, the panel members made seventeen presentations in three days of in-service training ... by attempts to change people’s attitudes. Thus, with no legal training, she undertook to write Tennessee’s ...

    admin - 02/16/2018