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  1. Biofeedback Newsletter

    2008 (PDF) Volume 22(2)- March, 2008 (PDF) Volume 22(1)- October, 2007 (PDF) Volume 21(2)- March, 2007 ... (PDF) Volume 21(1)- October, 2006 (PDF) Volume 20(2)- March, 2006 (PDF) Volume 20(1)- October, 2005 ...

    wallacen - 10/14/2017

  2. Chemistry Department Accolades and Accomplishments

    The Department of Chemistry is proud of its students, faculty, and alumni and their many accomplishments: Fourteen chemistry research students attended the 253rd American Chemical Society national conference in San Francisco in early April 2017: Carolyn D ...

    filesj - 04/13/2017

  3. Joy Brooke Fairfield

    Ph.D. in Performance Studies (Stanford); MA in Performance Studies (NYU); BA (Harvard) Assistant Professor of Theatre Theatre Film Studies Gender and Sexuality Studies 131 The McCoy Theatre (901) 843-3937 Joy Brooke Fairfield joins t ...

    petaa-18 - 01/24/2017

  4. David Pike

    Assistant Professor of Biology Department Biology Office: 162 Building: The Frazier Jelke Science Center Phone: (901) 843-3089 email: username: piked ...

    petaa-18 - 08/08/2016

  5. Erin Honsa

    Assistant Professor of Biology Department Biology Office: 140b Building: The Frazier Jelke Science Center Phone: (901) 843-3697 email: username: honsae ...

    petaa-18 - 08/08/2016

  6. Elaine Frawley

    Assistant Professor of Biology Department Biology Office: 142 Building: The Frazier Jelke Science Center Phone: (901) 843-3562 email: In order to survive within a host organism, pathogenic bacteria have evolved flexible metabolic pathw ...

    petaa-18 - 08/08/2016

  7. Marcus Pohlmann

    Professor Pohlmann’s teaching philosophy: “I teach because it is one of the quickest ways of finding out ... Vita SELECTED PUBLICATIONS Opportunity Lost: Race and Poverty in the Memphis City Schools (University ... Politics  POLS 450- Washington Semester POLS 460- Public Affairs Internship  POLS 495- Honors Tutorial ...

    troma-17 - 07/25/2017

  8. Peter Hossler

    economy, the politics of health care, and geographies of justice. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS PEER REVIEWED ... in The Encyclopedia of Geography. B. Wharf (Ed.) London: Sage Publications. BOOK REVIEWS Hossler, P (2013) Faith ...

    troma-17 - 09/09/2016

  9. Senior Seminar

    is a capstone experience for their work in Philosophy. The seminar culminates with a 30-page paper ... in advance of the topics on which they would like to concentrate in developing a comprehensive philosophy ... his/her special areas of concern. Philosophy ...

    clasm-17 - 06/19/2017

  10. Service

    Rhodes College has a long-standing commitment to promoting service activities. The philosophy ... and assessing complex ideas. Consequently, courses in American Philosophy, Optimism/Pessimism and Theory ... served as stepping stones in helping students develop their personal philosophies. We encourage students ...

    clasm-17 - 05/23/2017