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  1. Historians Explore the Rarely Told Story of Memphis Massacre

    LeMoyne-Owen College, the Memphis chapters of the NAACP and ASALH, the Marcus W. Orr Center for the Humanities, ... the Benjamin L. Hooks Institute, Humanities Tennessee, Orange Mound Cultural Center, the University of Memphis ... In May 1866, a year after the Civil War ended, recently freed African Americans living in Memphis ...

    chalmersd - 10/14/2017

  2. Kiren Khan

    Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University M.S., The Pennsylvania State University A.B., University of Pennsylvania Assistant Professor of Psychology Psychology 106 Clough Hall 901-843-3990 Dr. Kiren Khan is an Assistant Professor of Psycho ...

    filesj - 08/08/2017

  3. Brian Hodge

    Interim Instrumental Coordinator Music hodgeb ...

    admin - 07/24/2017

  4. Ariel Eisenberg

    as a crisis with the homeless person at its center. I show how the homeless crisis emerged as Americans came ... Gender and Women’s Studies Department, Kennesaw State University, November 2, 2015. “‘Because We ...

    hanke-19 - 08/30/2017

  5. Gregory Vieira

    to Rhodes from Baptist College of Health Sciences here in Memphis, where he was an assistant professor ... Center. vieirag ...

    filesj - 12/05/2016

  6. Rhodes Course Turns Students into Volunteer Tax Preparers at Memphis Sites

    certified tax preparers and apply their training in the classroom outside of Rhodes in the Memphis ... community. Taught by Prof. Ferron Thompson of the Department of Business (pictured), it is a two-credit ... different sites, but the Binghampton Community Development Center has the largest Rhodes involvement.  Iris ...

    chalmersd - 10/14/2017

  7. Prof. Pettinaroli’s Spanish 325 Course Brings Cartonera Publishing Movement to Memphis

    and engagement with the humanities has made its way to Rhodes and Memphis by way of Dr. Elizabeth Pettinaroli ’s ... course—Spanish 325: Community and Literature in Hispanic Memphis and Latin America. Pettinaroli, a Spanish ... called Memphis Cartonera. Students in Pettinaroli’s course meet to discuss novel philosophical ...

    chalmersd - 09/01/2017

  8. Stephanie Elsky

    2010    Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 2005    M.A., University of Pennsylvania 2002    B.A., Columbia University Assistant Professor of English English 308A Palmer Hall (901) 843-3979 Stephanie Elsky received her Ph.D. in English fro ...

    admin - 07/31/2017

  9. Chanelle Benz

    M.F.A., Creative Writing, Fiction, Syracuse University, 2012 B.F.A., Acting, Boston University, Boston, MA., 2005 Assistant Professor of English English 310 Palmer Hall (901) 843-3141 Chanelle Benz is the author of The Man Who Shot Out My ...

    admin - 07/31/2017

  10. Summer Writing Institute

    their strengths, explore their potential, and develop their work. Sponsored by the Rhodes English Department ... assignments, and visit the Writing Center, where they can receive individual help from Rhodes undergraduates. ... TX), 15% from the metro-Memphis area, and 25% from states outside the region (for example, NY, PA, AZ, ...

    troma-17 - 07/24/2017