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  1. Greek & Roman Studies

    and use language more effectively and productively By introducing them to the people, events, and ideas ...

    troma-17 - 09/26/2017

  2. Karl Erickson

    in how belief systems are built, and how those systems lead people to take certain approaches ... with non-human entities, and spectatorship. ericksonk ART 113: Digital ...

    admin - 09/11/2018

  3. Laura Kelly

    and what is science?  Journal of Research in Science Teaching. 2018 Moses, ... 2018  Kelly, L. B.  & Moses, L.   Children's literature that sparks inferential ... discussions.  The Reading Teacher, 72(1), 21-29. 2018  Kelly, L. B. ...

    admin - 09/19/2018

  4. Charles Snyder

    and with Native people in the United States. Dr. Snyder serves as the Director of Health Professions Advising ...

    admin - 09/08/2018

  5. Samson Ndanyi

    1922-1950’s.” Journal of Retracing Africa 3, no 1 (216): 1-20.  Book Reviews ... “Kenya’s Return to Despotism.” Africa is a Country, September 12, 2017 ... Conference Presentations “’This Title to Include the Words Mau Mau’: Visualizing Mau Mau War ...

    admin - 08/27/2018

  6. Tyler Lefevor

    In particular, I am interested in the experiences of LGBTQ and religious individuals in therapy, how LGBTQ people ... LGBTQ people of faith. I am a licensed psychologist in Tennessee and maintain a small private practice ... people of faith. Oral presentation to be given at the Annual Sunstone Conference, Salt Lake City, UT. ...

    hanke-19 - 09/07/2018

  7. Dan Blustein

    and Applied Neuroscience Lab. His research explores the way people use sensory information to plan and make ...

    admin - 08/29/2018

  8. QTPOC (Queer/Trans People of Color) Café

    Tuesday, August 28, 2018- 19:00 Burrow Hall Queer Resource Room Tara Fredenburg N/A Gender and Sexuality Alliance ...

    admin - 08/27/2018

  9. Internships

    offerings at ALSAC, go to: You must register through Rhodes for academic credit ...

    wallacen - 08/14/2018

  10. Brooks Lamb, Overton Park: A People's History

    book Overton Park: A People’s History. This book, which documents the history of Overton Park and its ...

    admin - 08/20/2018