Janet Panter / Educational Psychology Research Team


School Readiness and Concept Development

The major focus of the team is on young children′s readiness for kindergarten. Current projects include measuring school readiness and academic achievement of elementary and middle school students; and evaluating Rhodes Learning Corridor programs at four public schools located close to Rhodes. Research team members are involved at all levels, from researching the literature to analyzing the data they collect.  Level of involvement and commitment vary from one project to another. The team meets weekly to discuss projects, review progress, and problem solve.

We will provide school readiness screening for kindergarten students in local elementary schools, using the Bracken School Readiness Assessment. After that test is given, different projects will occur. In some instances, low-performing students will receive a more comprehensive evaluation – to measure the effectiveness of the screening measure. Some students may participate in a classroom readiness intervention designed to teach them basic concepts while other students may be tested but receive no further intervention or evaluation.

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