Taking a Year Off


It is not uncommon for undergraduate psychology students to take a year off before graduate school.  This can be a great opportunity to get additional research experience and to mature; both are attractive to graduate programs.  However, students must be careful to put this year to good use.  Career services says, “If you would like to ‘take a year off,’ do so with caution; some graduates need a breather between college and job or graduate school while, for some, it may put them and their career aspirations in jeopardy.  If you have made a conscious decision to take a year off to travel or participate in volunteer work, you are certainly encouraged to pursue your interests.  However, if you are taking a year off because you don’t know what you want to do professionally, schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor.  The Career Services staff looks forward to assisting you in reaching your set goals.  REMEMBER, YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

Source: Career Services, Compass: Navigating Your Future, 2002-2003