Jenny Vaydich | Assistant Professor
Office: 119 Clough | | Email:


My research focuses on the emotion socialization that occurs within the parent-child relationship and how emotion socialization impacts the development of adaptive and maladaptive emotion regulation from a developmental psychopathology framework within adolescents and young adults. An exploration of parent-child relationships and how they may relate to different trajectories in intra- and interpersonal functioning is an important area of research for understanding how emotional experiences and patterns may influence emotional functioning across the lifespan.


B.A. St. Olaf College
M.A. University of Notre Dame
Ph.D. University of Notre DameĀ 


150 Foundational Issues in Psychology
224 Psychological Disorders
311 Counseling Psychology

Selected Publications

Narvaez, D., & Vaydich, J. L (in press). Fear, love and moral functioning. In
P. Aerni, & K-J Grün (Eds.), Morality and Fear. Göttingen: Germany: Vandehoeck & Ruprecht.

Narvaez, D., Holter, A., Vaydich, J. L. (2010). Moral development. In A.S. Davis
(Ed.), Handbook of Pediatric Neuropsychology (pp. 79-87). New York:
Springer Publishing Co.

Narvaez, D., Khmelkov, V., Vaydich, J., & Turner, J. (2009). Measuring teacher moral self
efficacy. Journal of Research in Character Education, 6, 3-16.

Narvaez, D., & Vaydich, J. L. (2008). Moral development and behavior under the spotlight of the neurobiological sciences. Journal of Moral Education, 37, 289-312.