Laura Field | Faculty Fellow
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Laura Field is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the department of Political Science. Originally hailing from Alberta, Canada, where she received a Master′s degree in political theory, Laura specialized in political theroy and public law for her doctoral work at the University of Texas, Austin. Her dissertation is entitled "Writing in Blood: Compassion, Character, and Popular Rhetoric in Rousseau and Nietzsche," and involves a consideration of the political of both philosophers′ treatment of the social passions, with an emphasis on compassion, as well as of their autobiographical works. Laura′s research interests include rhetoric, philosophis autobiography, political psychology and agency, the philosophic foundations (ancient and modern) of the social sciences, the politics of nature and the environment, the jurisprudence of cultural protections, and the politics of expertise. She recently taught a course in ancient philosophy and literature at the University of Texas, Austin. At Rhodes, she has taught the introductory course to political science, entitled "Political Questions," and is currently teaching a course called "Political Philosophy of Nature and the Environment," as well as in the Search program. Laura is working on a book about autobiographical rhetoric (or "rhetoric of character") in Rousseau and Nietzsche.


B.A., University of Alberta
M.A., University of Alberta
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin


POLS 110 - Political Questions