Graduates from 2011-2020


Joshua Anderson, 2011, Officer Candidate in the United States Navy.
Eleanor Davis, 2011, Seeks employment.
Kelsey Dudziak, 2011, Works as Math/Science teacher in the Memphis City School System.
Josh Fuchs, 2011, Attending graduate School in Physics at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Matt Gilbert, 2011, Attending Medical School.
Elizabeth Hook, 2011, Works as Communications Specialist in the national office of the Society of Physics Students.
Matt Jacobs, 2011, Seeks employment.
Andy Meier, 2011, Attending the Washington University (St. Louis) Dual Degree Engineering program.
Kenneth Scott, 2011, Scott is the Lab Physicist at the University of Mississippi which involves the management of about 400 students per semester in the general physics labs. He is currently rewriting their lab manual and is teaching an entry level physics course.
Justin Stradley, 2011, Justin currently lives in Houston, TX where he works for National Oilwell Varco, a worldwide leading manufacturer for the oil and gas industry.  He is a Research & Development Project Engineer in the Drilling Products and Services business unit. He spends his free time playing soccer in various Houston leagues and hanging out with friends, including many fellow Lynxcats.
Joe Svejkosky, 2011, Serves as 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.
Stan Badger, 2012, Serves as an officer candidate in the United States Navy. 
Nick Badger, 2012, Serves as an officer candidate in the United States Navy. 
Michael Ethridge, 2012, Seeks employment.
Brad Hensley, 2012, Currently in the United States Air Force training as a pilot.
Jake Jackson, 2012, Attending Duke University for a degree in Medical Physics.
Stephanie Milazzo, 2012, Participating in MTR (Memphis Residency Teaching Program) this fall.
Becca Miller, 2012, Attending the Kellogg School of Science and Technology Graduate Program at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, CA.
Evan Nelsen, 2012, Has a 6 month internship beginning in June with General Motors at their Electrochemical Research Laboratory in Rochester, NY. This fall 2013 Evan will be attending the University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill.
Anne Wilson, 2012, Anne is working at the Church Health Center Medical Clinic as a clinical assistant this year in Memphis.
Yutong Duan, 2013, Attending Boston University working on a Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics and cosmology.
Kurt Hebert, 2013, 2nd Leutinant in the United States Army in the Military Intelligence Branch.
Matt Killary, 2013, Attending University of Houston working for a degree in civil/structural/engineering.
Matt Miller, 2013, Attending North Carolina State University working on a Ph.D. in nuclear physics.
Dan Sutherland, 2013, Dan has been spending his time applying for clinical positions and studying for the MCAT which he will be taking July 25th.  He plans on taking a short break after the MCATs and will seek employment in an area relating to medicine.  His overall plan is to apply to medical school next year.
Rigelle Tran, 2013, Seeks Employment.