The Society of Physics Students


The Rhodes College chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) is comprised of students who share an interest in physics and a love of sharing their enthusiasm for science with others. The Society of Physics Students is a professional association explicitly designed for students, and governed by a national council of physicists and physics students, under the organization of the American Institute of Physics.

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Photo: SPS members preparing a water cannon explosion 


Chapter Officers: 2014-2015

President: Catherine Miller ′16
Vice-president: Anthony To ′16
Secretary: Peyton Marshall ′17
Co-Treasurers: Matthew Huber ′18 and Phoebe Sharp ′18
Outreach Officer: Edoardo Draetta ′16
Public Relations: Jordan Meyer ′16



The Rhodes SPS chapter is well-known for its many on-campus and community events.  Our annual favorites include such things as the Liquid Nitrogen Halloween Pumpkin Drop, Physics Formal, Physics Fun at local schools, Rites to Play Magic Show and much much more.



Photo: Pumpkins freezing in liquid nitrogen, in preparation for Pumpkin Drop





Pizza, Physics, and usually something that explodes. What more could you ask for?  Lunchtime meetings alternate weekly from Wednesdays at 12:00 noon to Thursdays at 12:00 noon.

Photo: An SPS t-shirt after spending the day in a pool of Oobleck  



Join Us!

Joining SPS is easy. Just show up at the meetings and participate, and join SPS national by filling out the online form.  The physics department will pay at least half of your membership fee (all if you are a first year student).


SPS Awards

  • Evan Nelson ′12 awarded 2010 SPS Leadership Scholarship
  • Chapter received Outstanding SPS Chapter Award for ′09-′10
  • Josh Fuchs ′11 received the 2009 SPS Outstanding Student Award for Undergraduate Research to present his research at the International Conference of Physics Students in Split, Croatia
  • Jenna Smith ′09 awarded 2009 SPS Leadership Scholarship
  • Chapter received Outstanding SPS Chapter Award for ′08-′09
  • Lulu Li ′11 awarded 2009 Herbert Levy Memorial Scholarship
  • Lulu Li ′11 awarded SPS travel grant to attend AAPT meeting in Chicago, February 2009
  • Chapter received Outstanding SPS Chapter Award for ′07-′08 (our tenth consecutive outstanding chapter award!)
  • Jenna Smith ′09 elected Associate Zone Councilor for second term
  • Jenna Smith ′09 awarded 2008 SPS Summer Internship
  • Jennifer Thompson ′08 awarded SPS Leadership scholarship
  • Chapter receives Sigma Pi Sigma Research Award for "Electrostatic Binary Orbits in Microgravity"
  • Chapter receives Outstanding SPS Chapter Award for ′06-′07
  • Paul Sinclair ′07 awarded SPS Leadership scholarship
  • Matthew Shanks ′05 awarded 2004 SPS Summer Internship 
  • Ben Evans ′03 awarded Outstanding Student Award for Undergraduate Research (ICPS travel award)
  • Karyn Spence ′03 awarded SPS Leadership Scholarship
  • Tom O′Hara ′03 elected SPS Associate Zone Councilor
  • Lauren Glas ′03 awarded 2002 SPS Summer Internship
  • Chapter receives Marsh White Award (2002)
  • Bambi Roberts ′00 awarded SPS Leadership Scholarship
  • Chapter receives Blake Lilly Award (1999)