Graduates from 1991-2000


Christopher S. Gaskill, 1991, Assistant Professor in the Communicative Disorders Department at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Chris will be teaching courses on voice, swallowing, and speech science. He will continue his research into voice training and therapy and has a local ENT and several members of the singing voice faculty interested in collaborating with him. He hopes to help the University clinic be able to provide services for voice patients and professional voice users and to help the music department develop a voice science/vocal pedagogy program.
Robert A. James, Jr., 1991, Strategic Accounts Sales Representative for PTC/Guidant Corporation.
Darren W. Johnson, 1991, Member of the Air Force.
Bradford W. Greeley, 1992, Physicist for NASA.
Kellee J. LaCount, 1992  
Michael S. McPherson, 1992, Graduate Student pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Mississippi. Working in the Ultrasonics Research Group at the National Center for Physical Acoustics. His research efforts are directed at understanding the nonlinear properties of surface acoustic waves in solids and a solid-liquid interface.
Julie S. Story (now Byerley), 1992, Faculty Member at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and a Pediatrician. Working primarily in the UNC Children′s Emergency Room and is the Course Director for Pediatrics Clerkship.
James (Trey) B. White, III, 1992, Computational Scientist, Scientific Computing Group, National Center for Computational Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
James E. Dickens, Jr., 1993, Teaching high school physics at Montgomery Bell Academy, a college preparatory school for grades 7-12.
William E. Godbold, Jr., 1993, Valvetrain Engineering Group Manager at COMP Cams/COMP Performance Group in Arlington, TN.  
Edgard L. Cabanillas 1994, Agricultural Commodities Broker (exports to Asia, Africa, Europe).
William C. Davidson, 1994  
Timothy S. Hamilton, 1994, National Research Council Associate, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.
Stephen A. Montgomery, 1994, Network Analyst, MCSE.
Dipak Ghosh, 1995, Employed as an independent banking software consultant, working with a $3 billion dollar credit union in Marlborough, MA. His work is mostly done via telecommuting from home, a suburb of Houston, TX. Dipak shares that "Although I haven′t directly applied my Physics degree, it has shaped the way I approach programming and analysis problems, and looking back, all those Advanced Physics Lab projects were so much fun!"
Jacob Abraham, 1996, Assistant Chief of Service, Medicine, Johns Hopkins. Professional Interest: Heart failure. 
John C. Chauvin, 1996, John is an Ensign in the Navy working on a Nuclear Submarine. He is also taking Master level courses in Radiation Physics/Medicine.
Daniel C. Millner, 1996, Licensed Civil Engineer working at Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. Promoted to Associate 1 1/2 years ago. 
Van M. Savage, Jr., 1996, Van is in Boston working as a faculty member at Harvard Medical School. 
Christopher T. Bellows, 1997, Working for Booz Allen Hamilton as a consultant working for NASA in the areas of Program Management, Systems Engineering and Organization and Business Process Change.
Joanna G. Blankner, 1997, Attending Medical School at UT Memphis.
Travis R. Miller, 1997, Working as a computer programmer in the San Francisco Bay area. 
Jason C. Woods, 1997, Currently splits time between physics and biophysics research as a Research Scientist in the Department of Physics, and administrative duties as an Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences, both at Washington University in St. Louis. His research is focused on imaging and structural characterization of normal and diseased lung via hyperpolarized-gas MRI.
James B. Alexander, 1998, Graduate Student in physics at the University of New Orleans.
Edward W. Pichon, 1998, Working for Nokia Mobile Phones, in their R&D group.  Mainly involved in RF validation work - making sure that the phones function properly and abide by a web of requirements and regulations. In addition does consulting on the side for a defense company, working on high-energy laser systems as well as providing system analysis and design for various proposed weapons systems.
Tehsin M. Syed, 1998, Tehsin is Vice-President of Engineering at Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, MO which he joined in 1998 as a software developer. Tehsin is responsible for the development of population health solutions.  
Daniel C. Brown, Jr., 1999, Working as a physicist at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City, FL as a member of the Acoustics Branch. Dan works in developing algorithms for high (100-200 kHz) and medium frequency (10-60 kHz) synthetic aperture sonars.
John H. Coleman, 1999, Jack is working for Dell Financial Services in Austin, TX.
Gerard R. Tansey, 1999
Sarah Bettinger, 2000, Currently a structural engineer in Birmingham, AL. 
Bambi (Roberts) Brewer, 2000, Bambi has a Ph.D. in robotics and is a certified prosthetist. She teaches computer science and engineering at the Ellis School in Pittsburgh, PA and also works as an independent contractor in education and research.
Jeremy Brewer, 2000, Jeremy completed his Ph.D. in physics in 2008. He works for Google Pittsburgh as a Senior Software Engineer.
Hunter Freeman, 2000, Hunter is an intellectual property attorney where he prepares, files and prosecutes patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  He is also a litigator who specializes in the enforcement of intellectual property and the resolution of business disputes. 
Wilfred McKinney, 2000
Steven Smith, 2000 
Stephen Whitten, 2000, Andy is currently employed at Smith & Nephew, Inc. located in Memphis, TN in the Biomechanics Research Department as a Senior Research Engineer, where he has been for the last 13 years.  Andy is married to Christina Whitten and they just celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary in June. They live in Bartlett, TN with their two dogs, Hailey and Vader.