Graduates from 1981-1990


M. Anthony Botto, 1981  
John M. Gill, 1981, Computer Programmer.
Mrs. Jeffrey R. Horn, 1981  
Marshall K. Howard, 1981, Currently VP of Network Technology and Business Development at Cleartel Communications, a Florida based telecommunications provider. Right after graduating from Rhodes, attended Vanderbilt′s Electrical Engineering program and graduated with a MSEE. Worked at Texas Instruments as an Engineer and while working there started working towards an MBA at SMU in a part-time program. Departed Texas Instruments to join AT&T, shortly after the breakup, to support custom sales efforts and marketing for fiber optic products. After completing his MBA has had several management positions in the communications field, in several different areas.  
Rodolfo F. Scarpati, 1981  
David W. A. Taylor, Jr., 1981, David is the Director of Technology Development for ENSCO, Inc. of Springfield, VA. His group develops technology for shallow earth geophysics and GPS-denied navigation applications. Dr. Taylor has a Ph.D. in Geophysics.
Greg C. Volgas, 1981, Manager of Technical Services and Product Development for Helena Chemical Company at the Agricenter in Memphis, TN. Formulation development and providing technical advice for Helena Sales and Marketing personnel. Still playing soccer!
Laura A. Whitlock, 1981, Currently the Department Chair for Mathematics, Science, Business, and Physical Education at Georgia Perimeter College Alpharetta Center, Alpharetta, GA.  
Thomas N. Woods, 1981, Associate Director of Technical Divisions at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) at the University of Colorado. Research interests include the solar ultraviolet irradiance and its influence on Earth′s atmosphere and climate. Research projects include several NASA and NOAA satellite programs to measure the solar irradiance. Project web pages:,
G. Boyd Chitwood, 1982, Head Administrator for a K-12 Christian School in Little Rock, AR.
Betsy M. Eiford-Lee, 1982, Chemistry Program Manager at Watts Bar Nuclear Plant (owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority).
Stephen M. Kidwell, 1982, Steve is Vice President of Corporate Planning at Ameren Corporation in St. Louis, MO.  He has been with Ameren for 26+ years.  After Rhodes, he received M.S. degrees in Nuclear Engineering and Energy Analysis & Policy from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. Steve is married with two children both of whom are in college. 
Thomas E. Stevens, Jr., 1982, Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics, at the University of South Alabama.
David J. Abbott, 1983, Working at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF aka Jefferson Lab, CEBAF) in the Data Acquisition (DAQ). Jefferson Lab is an electron beam accerator (6 GeV) primarily involved in the investigation of the quark structure of nucleons and the nucleus. The Lab has 3 large experimental halls, where physicists run accepted research. The DAQ Group is responsible for providing both software and custom hardware for the users to interface and collect their data from the detectors located there. He is currently the head of the DAQ Group.
Paul A. Brühwiler, 1983, Presently employed at Empa, Materials Science and Technology.Topics of interest include heat and mechanical energy transfer through helmets Material Science.
Kevin M. Christen, 1984, Senior software consultant for Valtech - develops economic modeling software for the petroleum industry.
Lon K. Holder, 1984, In 2005 Lon retired after 20 years as an Air Force C-130 pilot.  He is now teaching high school physics and math in Longmont, CO. In his spare time he teaches small airplane flight instruction.  
Page S. Tuminello, 1984  
Scott A. Budzien, 1985, Research Scientist studying the thermosphere and the ionosphere - builds satellite and rocket experiments to study the upper atmosphere.
D. Bryant Haynes, III, 1985, Physics Instructor, Girls Preparatory School, Chattanooga, TN.
W. Wallace McMillan, 1985, Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
Keith L. Compton, 1986, Research Scientist, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria. Conducts research on the evaluation of risks from radioactive/chemical pollution of natural disasters.
Anne V. Skrutskie, 1986, Full-time Mom (training young physicists).
Karen A. Collins, 1987  
Timothy H. Ruppel, 1987, Research Physicist studying space.
Kim A. Wegenke, 1987  
Allan M. Bacon, 1988, Working in business development for a company in Charlotte that makes integrated micro-optical systems for the telecommunications and data communications markets.
David N. Carter, 1988, Director of the Institute for Effective Teaching Practices.
Tracy G. Edmundson, 1988, General Counsel, DeRoyal Industries, Inc. Began legal career as an intellectual property law specialist (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) and became more involved in business transactions for technology companies before moving in-house. Current practice continues to include intellectual property law, as well as everything else that arises in the course of business. 
Deborah H. McBride, 1988  
Alan R. Spies, 1988, Physicist on Wall Street - uses quantitative investment strategies and computer-generated investments.
Mark W. Sprague, 1988, Physics Professor at East Carolina University.
Anne Junkin Cox, 1989, Professor of Physics, Eckerd College, St Petersburg, FL. Current professional interests (beyond classroom teaching, which is primary interest,): Curriculum development and appropriate pedagogical uses of technology in physics instruction. Co-author of the text: Physlet Quantum Physics (Belloni, Christian and Cox), Prentice Hall, 2006.
David M. Greeson, 1989, After graduating from Rhodes attended Vanderbilt University for medical school, then University of New Mexico for one year of internal medicine internship, then University of Texas-San Antonio for 3 years of dermatology residency. Currently a dermatologist in private practice for the past 7 years in Athens, Georgia.
Jennifer G. Kidder, 1990  
John A. Rose, 1990, SCF Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Information and Computer Science. Dr. Rose′s research focuses on the physics and engineering of DNA-based computers.