Graduates from 1971-1980


Klaus F. Heimburg, 1971, Software Architect, Computer Science Corporation.
Stephen E. Kendrick, 1971, Works in engineering physics for Ball Aerospace, which designs instruments for the Hubble Telescope.
Earl L. Kiech, 1971, Data Analyst for Aerospace Testing Alliance at Arnold Air Force Base. Analyzes data from focal plane arrays used in missile guidance systems. Very interested in future technology: AI, nanotechnology, and robotics.
Thomas C.  Marshall, 1971, Professor and Chair, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Mississippi, University, MS.
Michael M. Moses, 1971, Mike is a business consultant working for Centric Consulting in Columbus, OH. He has been a consultant for over 20 years working primarily with helping organizations use information technology in appropriate and cost effective ways.  
David L. Hume, Jr., 1972, Sales Manager for Dallas Semiconductor (specialty Asia) trained in engineering.
E. David Mays, 1972  
Robert M. Riley, III, 1972, Builds homes.
Glenn A. Sowell, 1972, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Nebraska at Omaha.
Lawrence M. Brown, 1973, Larry is a priest; he serves as rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fillmore, CA, and an early signer of The Clergy Letter.  He is also a designer and co-owner of a cash advance/check application system that manages teller cages, ATMs, and Ticket-in/Ticket-out (TITO) machines in large Native American casinos. Larry serves as Chief Technology Officer for Hamzei Analytics, LLC, a real-time information and analysis service for investors and traders.  
William H. Brune, III, 1973, Professor and the Head of the Department of Meteorology at Pennsylvania State University.
Daniel L. Ellsworth, 1973  
Eldon E. New, 1973, Technical support for computers and networks at Share One, Incorporated. 
William D. Vining, 1973  
Thomas D. Cornell, 1974, Professor of history at Rochester Institute of Technology.
M. Barry Rhodes, 1974, Assistant Director of Research and Development at the Center for Disease Control.
Linda J. Smith, 1974  
J. Charles Taylor, 1974, Orthopedic Surgeon, Memphis, TN.
David P. Holder, 1976, After graduation David moved into "computers" as did several of his peers. He was a software developer for General Motors for a number of years but later joined a small computer start-up company, that, over 20 years, allowed him to retire a few years early.  Right now, as a retiree approaching 60 he is able to study as much Physics (or Philosophy or Consciousness) as he desires without having to worry about feeding his family. All-in-all, David states his Physics degree from Rhodes was one of the top-10 highlights of his life and it definitely helped him achieve several of his goals.
Daniel M. Hougland, 1976, Systems Programmer at Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Company. Supports and develops systems that depend upon inter-platform communications and real time programming. Assisted in developing a new programming language. Runs a trophy and engraving business in spare time. 
Janice L. Hyatt, 1976  
James R. Martin, Jr., 1976, Owner of Peachtree Laser, Inc., a company that presents laser light shows and displays for corporate theater and outdoor events.
J. Peter Rosenfeld, 1976, Engineer for a division of Lockheed Martin. Optics is one primary area of research and interests. 
C. Walter Croom, 1977, Software Engineer for SCO in Murray Hill, NJ.
Robert T. Foscue, 1977, Program Manager with the army - optics group.
David B. Smathers, 1977, Director of Quality and Engineering at Tosoh SMD Inc., Grove City, OH. Tosoh SMD is a high purity metals supplier to the semiconductor processing industry. David received his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1982 in Materials Science.
Frederic R. Stauffer, Jr., 1977  
Paul B. Wright, 1977, Research Scientist.
Mrs. Brian Carrigan, 1978  
James L. Porter, 1978, Program Manager for Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, AZ in directed energy.
L. Montgomery Smith, 1978, Assistant Professor at University of Tennessee′s Space Institute.
Paul J. Caldwell, 1979, Principle Engineer, Optics, Ball Aerospace, Boulder, CO.
David P. Dwiggins, 1980, Systems Support Specialist, Office of Admissions, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN.  
R. Clifton Liles, 1980, Works for SY Tech, a company that works on missile testing for the Department of Defense.
Valerie A. Loebs, 1980
John A. Malleo-Roach, 1980