Graduates from 1951-1960


Roy F. Stratton, Jr., 1951, Retired from Air Force Research Laboratory in February 2001. Currently a volunteer math tutor  at Chattanooga State Community College and works with Friends of the Library. Also in the middle of a 4 semester course on (Cisco) networking.
Donald W. Feldman, 1952, Experimental physicist working primarily in laser development and accelerator physics.
Malcolm C. Whatley, 1956 
Ed Smith Dorman, 1958 
E. Allen Barnhardt, 1959, Retired, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Rhodes College.
William R. Hackleman, 1959, Teaches introductory computer science courses at College of the Mainland in Texas City, TX.
Fred E. Bertrand, Jr., 1960, Physicist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bryan M. Eagle, 1960 
David P. Glenn, 1960 
Robert M. MacQueen, 1960, Retired, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Rhodes College.
Leslie W. Read, 1960, Engineer at MasTec.
John L. Streete, 1960, Retired, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Rhodes College.
Donald O. Tate, Jr., 1960, President, Tate Associates, Inc.