Peyton Rhodes Lecture Series


Since 1986, the Peyton N. Rhodes Physics Lecture Series has brought to the campus and community experts in the physical sciences and astronomy. Endowed by friends of the former physics professor, president and namesake of the College, the PNR lecture series has acquainted students, faculty, and friends with new developments and changing interpretations of the physical world.


 Year  PNR Speaker  Title of Presentation
1986 Dr. Stephen Marin  Halley’s Comet and the Hubble Space Telescope
1991 Dr. Joseph Ajello ′62 The Golden Age of Solar System Exploration by Unmanned Spacecraft
1992 Dr. Alan Lightman  The Origins of the Universe
1993 Dr. John Firor  Sustainable Development . . . But How?
1994 Dr. J. Reece Roth  Ball Lighting: What Nature is Trying to Tell Us
1995 Dr. Thomas Holzer  The Sun’s Influence on Earth
1997 Dr. Clifford Will  Was Einstein Right?
2000 Dr. William Hendee Radiation Treatment of Cancer: Why it Works and How it is Getting Better
2002 Claude Nicollier Hubble Space Telescope
2004 Dr. Geoffrey West Size, Scale, and Fractals From the Big Bang to Life
2004 Dr. Sylvester James Gates, Jr. Superstring/M-theory: The DNA of Existence?
2005 Dr. Debra Fischer  Hunting for Other Worlds
2009 Dr. Joanna Hinz A Study in Scarlett: The Spitzer Space Telescope View of the Triangulum Galaxy
2010 Dr. Ruth Howes  Women of the Manhattan Project
2013 Dr. Lisa Randall Knocking on Heaven′s Door: An Evening with Dr. Lisa Randall
2014   Dr. Alan Lightman Science and Religion