Physics Colloquium Schedule


The physics department invites speakers from the scientific community to present new and relevant work in the field to an undergraduate and public audience. All colloquia are held in Frazier Jelke A lecture hall, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments are served in 226 Rhodes Tower 30 minutes before the lecture. Our colloquia begin at 12:00 noon unless otherwise noted.  All are welcome to attend!

Spring 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker Title

24 January


Chrysanthe Preza, Ph.D. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering The University of Memphis

"Computational Imaging for 3D Fluorescence Microsccopy"

31 January


Alec Lindman ′14 "Designing a Blackbody Microwave Source for CMB Polarimeter Development"

6 February Peyton Nalle Rhodes Physics Lecture

(Thursday evening)

7:30 p.m.

McCallum Ballroom of the Bryan Campus Life Center (BCLC). The lecture will be preceeded by a reception beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Crain Reception Hall adjacent to the McCallum Ballroom.

Alan Lightman, Ph.D. Professor of the practice of the humanities at MIT

"Science and Religion"

14 February


Morgan Smathers ′14

"Ultrasonic Backscatter Techniques for Cancellous Bone Compared to Microtomography Parameters"

28 February


Stefan McCarty ′14

 "System Control Design"

21 March           



Jake Magness ′14 "Enhancing Atomic Current in Energetically-Gapped Optical Lattices"

28 March


Joey McPherson ′14 "Nuclear Reactors: Understanding the Fuel Cycle and Reactor Design"

4 April



Alex Piazza ′14 "Musical  Acoustics and the Physics of the Guitar"

 11 April


 Pierce Wisdom ′14  "Table Top Accelerators (tentative)"