The philosophy department annually offers the Laurence F. Kinney Prize to the outstanding senior member of the department. The recipient is chosen on the basis of excellent grades as well as excellence as a well–rounded student of philosophy.

Recent recipients include: 

Patrick Harris, 2013
Benjamin Freed, 2011
Mark Wadley, 2010
Jennifer Gaffney, 2009
Dave Badham, 2008
Katie Lane, 2007
Whitney Howell, 2006
Stephen Ogden, 2005
Timothy M. Hayes, 2004
Carson Henry Weitnauer, 2003
Catherine Jones & Phillip Ragain, 2002
Eric Joseph Lewellyn, 2001
John Paul Trout, 2000
Stephanie Jean Boyd, 1999
Andrea Janae Sholtz, 1998
Andrew Mark Veprek, 1997