Chapter officers are elected annually by the resident members at the December meeting. The chapter Secretary-Treasurer carries the chief responsibility for maintaining records and communicating with the national office of the Phi Beta Kappa society.


Current officers

Ernest L. Gibson III, Executive Committee

Teresa Beckham Gramm, President

Rachel Jabaily, Executive Committee

Geoffrey Maddox, Membership Committee

Susan Satterfield, Secretary-Treasurer

Caki Wilkinson, Membership Committee


Past Secretary-Treasurers

2004–2010  Judith Haas

2000–2004  Terry W. Hill

1999–2000  Tim Huebner

1983–1999  Terry W. Hill

1978–1983  Bernice W. White

1961–1978  Gordon Southard

1949–1961  A. Theodore Johnson


Past Presidents

2010–2013  Scott L. Newstok

2007–2010  Gail Streete

2004–2007  Michael Drompp

1997–2004  Stephen Wirls

1994–1997  Terri Lindquester

1991–1994  Joyce Jacobsen

1988–1991  Doug Hatfield

1987–1988  Marsha Walton

1986–1987  Milton Brown

1985–1986  Jim Vest

1984–1985  Marsha Walton

1982–1984  Rodney Grunes

1981–1982  Robert G. Patterson

1980–1981  Terry W. Hill

1979–1980  Darlene May

1978–1979  Emmett H. Anderson

1977–1978  Jim Vest

1976–1977  Marshall Jones

1975–1976  Julian T. Darlington

1974–1975  Richard Wood

1973–1974  Robert Llewellyn

1972–1973  Ralph Hon

1971–1972  Bernice W. White

1970–1971  Betsy Lunz

1969–1970  Doug Hatfield

1968–1969  James Roper

1967–1968  Jack Taylor

1966–1967  Peyton Nalle Rhodes

1965–1966  Milton Brown

1964–1965  Robert G. Patterson

1962–1964  Franklin Wright

1961–1962  Emmet H. Anderson

1960–1961  John H. Davis

1959–1960  Granville Davis

1958–1959  Jameson Jones

1957–1958  Myrtle Nash

1956–1957  Emily Shaw

1955–1956  Laura Robinson

1954–1955  David M. Amacker

1953–1954  A. P. Kelso

1952–1953  Charles E. Diehl

1951–1952  Gordon Southard

1950–1951  James L. A. Webb

1949–1950  R. P. Strickler




Mark D. West, a 1989 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Rhodes, is Dean of the University of Michigan Law School.

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