Resident Members


Phi Beta Kappa chapters are granted to the Phi Beta Kappa members among the faculty and administration of the sheltering institution. These members, often called active or resident members of the chapter, are responsible for conducting chapter business. Each chapter elects its own officers.


Charter members of our chapter in 1949 included: David M. Amacker (Political Science); Henry J. Bassett (Latin); Vernon Perdue Davis (Music); A. Theodore Johnson (Dean of the College); Thomas M. Lowry, Jr. (History and Government); Peyton Nalle Rhodes (President of the College); Laura Robinson (Classical Languages); Gordon D. Southard (Romance Language); Robert P. Strickler (Greek); Richard B. Vowles (English); James I. A. Webb (Chemistry); and Benjamin A. Wooten (Physics). These in turn invited "foundation members": Charles E. Diehl, Abe Fortas ′30, A. P. Kelso, Harris Kirk ′97, Samuel Monk ′22, Marion MacQueen ′19, and Shields McIlwaine ′24 (James Roper, Southwestern at Memphis, 1948–1975).


Current resident members:

Rin Abernathy ′13, Memphis Center and Urban Studies

Tracy Adkisson ′95, Physical Plant

Geoffrey Bakewell, Greek & Roman Studies, Director of Search

Chris Baldwin, Political Science

Elizabeth K. Bigus, Class of 2014

Karyn S. Bondi ′03, Physics

J. Barron Boyd, International Studies

Tom Bremer, Religious Studies

Milton Brown, Religious Studies, Emeritus

Tom Bryant, Music

Joshua R. Cape, Class of 2014

Courtney A. Collins ′05, Economics

Michael Drompp, History, Dean of the Faculty

Mary E. Dubose, Class of 2014

Harmon Dunathan, former Dean of Academic Affairs

Rachel R. Elledge, Class of 2014

Benjamin Evans, Class of 2014

Ernest Gibson III, English

Teresa Beckham Gramm, Economics

Rhiannon Graybill, Religious Studies

Judith Haas, English

Sue Hall, Information Technology Services

Doug Hatfield, History, Emeritus

Sally Jones Heinz, former Director of Alumni Programs

Terry Hill, Biology

Brent Hoffmeister, Physics

Timothy Huebner, History

Rachel Jabaily, Biology

Amy Jasperson, Political Science

Robert Llewellyn, Philosophy, Emeritus

Jeanne Lopiparo, Anthropology & Sociology

Geoffrey Maddox, Psychology

L. Jake Magness, Class of 2014

Michelle Mattson, German

Margaret McGowan, Class of 2014

Kenny Morrell, Greek & Roman Studies

Stephanie Moussalli, Commerce and Business

Mark Muesse, Religious Studies

Scott L. Newstok, English

Helen W. Norman, former Assistant to the President Of the College

Charlotte Patton Parks, former Director of Special Gifts, Development

Joel Parsons ′07, Clough-Hanson Gallery

Amy Risley, International Studies

Susan Satterfield, Greek & Roman Studies

Jennifer Sciubba, International Studies

Lauren Blalock Sefton ′03, Admission

Pat Shade, Philosophy

Brian Shaffer, English

David Sick, Greek & Roman Studies

Nicki Soulé ′93, Alumni Relations

Megan Andrews Starling ′02, Admission

Gail Streete, Religious Studies, Emerita

Elizabeth Thomas, Psychology

Sally Thomason, former Associate Director of Continuing Education

Wendy Trenthem ′93, Barret Library

Michael Turco ′08, Development

Jim Vest, French, Emeritus

Marsha Walton, Psychology

Chris Wetzel, Psychology

Caki Wilkinson ′03, English

Stephen Wirls, Political Science


Bill Michaelcheck, a 1969 Rhodes graduate, is Chair of the Board of Trustees of Rhodes College.

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