The Rhodes Career Network


Career Network

By Bud Richey
Associate Vice President for College Relations

Most of the articles in this issue concern resources available to your Rhodes student. This one is no different. Alumni of Rhodes College are willing to help students. Many alumni have benefited from the helping hand of others and they stand ready to help the current generation succeed.

One of the very basic lessons we seek to teach students is how the alumni community works. We stress that they should not be bashful in availing themselves of resources provided by alumni while they are students and young alumni. We also ask that they remember what it means and help those who follow them.

The Alumni Relations and Career Services Offices partner in managing the Rhodes Career Network. The concept is fairly simple. As students express interest in certain employment fields, seek advice on which graduate programs would be most useful in preparing them to enter certain professions, pursue summer internships or seek support in relocating to different areas of the country or abroad, we provide them with names and contact information of alumni who will help. 

In addition, there are now Rhodes Alumni Chapters in 14 communities. In virtually every case, chapter leaders are supportive of students and young alumni.

The stories we hear from both students and alumni about the contacts they make through the Rhodes Career Network are heartwarming. Staff members in both officesAlumni Relations located in King Hall and Career Services located near McCoy Theatreare eager to assist students in making connections with helpful mentors.

As you continue to learn about the resources available at Rhodes to help students succeed, be mindful of the great contributions that can be made by alumni of the college. Should your student express concern or frustration on a matter where a mentor could help, encourage him or her to visit the Alumni Relations Office. Such an act may well result in contact with one who has walked the same path in earlier days.

We are so pleased that your student is a member of the Rhodes Community. Just as our staff want your student to succeed, alumni, too, have a vested interest in the success of the younger members of their beloved college.