Charting the Path to Graduation


Daney Kepple, Director of Communications

Are you doing Search or Life? Will this satisfy a F11 requirement? How many hours credits do you get for that course?

These questions are not uncommon among Rhodes students this time of year. To translate, Search refers to the college’s venerable Search for Meaning in the Light of History and Religion interdisciplinary study that has been emulated by many other liberal arts colleges around the country. Life refers to Life: Then and Now, which takes a Biblical and philosophical approach to deciphering the meaning of life. All first-year students at Rhodes must take one of the two multi-semester series.

Anytime one encounters the letter F followed by a one- or two-digit number, it’s a safe bet that the new curriculum is the topic. The question about credits is more likely to be asked by a returning student during this time of curriculum transition, as we expect that most first-year students will likely choose to chart their course under the new curriculum.

If this sounds like Greek to you, we hope you will read the article referenced above. If you still have questions, they may well be answered on the Rhodes curriculum revision page. If not, contact the Registrar, Glenn Munson, at or (901) 843-3885.

The primary thing to remember is that, whichever curriculum your student is following, he or she is receiving a superior education at Rhodes because, in the words of Caleb Standafer, a junior from Las Angeles, “the professors are deeply engaged both inside and outside the classroom. They desire to help students realize their goals and mature intellectually, and are willing to go beyond the ordinary to assist eager students.”