Living Off Campus


Regina Simmons, Associate Director of Residence Life

Living on campus is a vital part of the college experience and aids the student’s adjustment to college. Therefore, all first-time, first-year students at Rhodes must live on campus for their first two full academic years. Rising sophomores requesting to be released from the residency requirement should contact the Residence Life Office for more information on the release process.

Living on campus provides the ease of access to all campus amenities. Additionally, you save on the cost of traveling (gas expenses; the wear and tear on your car; etc.) to and from campus. Off-campus living provides “real world” experience for soon-to-be graduates. Sharing apartments or houses is a popular way to cut costs.

Students moving off campus face the responsibility to find an apartment/house, sign a lease, furnish the residence and arrange for the utility and added amenity bills.Below are a few things to keep in mind:

  • All students are held to the standards of the Honor Code and the Social Regulations Code of Rhodes College. Many students believe that when they move off campus, their actions do not fall under the jurisdiction of the college. While the college does not monitor off-campus behavior, it does retain the right to address alleged behavior that negatively impacts the college or another member of the campus community.
  • Make sure your student is familiar with the rights and duties of tenants when he or she signs a lease. Also advise your aspiring tenant to get an inventory/damage checklist and fill it out accurately, immediately upon moving in. Landlords are required by Tennessee law to sign this checklist.
  • Before move-in, arrange to have utility services connected.
  • To avoid disputes or misunderstandings with the landlord, get everything in writing.
  • Purchase renters′ insurance to cover valuables.

If you have any questions, contact the Residence Life Office Phone: (901) 843-3241.