The Rhodes Education


Rhodes offers students a curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences. Courses are broad and balanced, and students learn skills that will serve them well, no matter which career they choose (and no matter how many career changes they make!).

There are twelve areas we ask students to explore through a variety of courses:

  • Critically examine questions of meaning and value
  • Develop excellence in written communication
  • Understand how historical forces have shaped human cultures
  • Read and interpret literary texts
  • Participate in the analysis of artistic expression or in the performance or production of art
  • Gain facility with mathematical reasoning and expression
  • Explore and understand scientific approaches to the natural world
  • Explore and understand the systematic analysis of human interaction and contemporary institutions
  • View the world from more than one cultural perspective
  • Develop intermediate proficiency in a foreign language¬†
  • Participate in activities that broaden the connections between the classroom and the world
  • Participate in activities that encourage lifelong physical fitness

In addition to these twelve areas, Rhodes students select a major and often a minor. They can even double-major or choose an interdisciplinary major.  Major courses allow students to focus on a more specific area or gain skills for a particular career.

Internships, part-time jobs and study abroad give students practical experience, which helps them choose a path after graduation. Out-of-classroom experiences also help them network in a future career field.

The Rhodes education is both theoretical and practical.  It serves as a springboard for further education in graduate or professional school or as a direct entry into the workplace.