Online Resources Keep You Connected to Rhodes


Communication and information-sharing are both areas in which the college is constantly looking to improve.  As a parent or family member, there are a number of ways in which you can stay connected to and informed about Rhodes related news and events. 

  • For information and items specifically for parents and family members, be sure to check regularly.  This part of the web site offers news and tips in addition to dates (Parent/Family Weekend and Commencement, etc.) that are of great interest to family members. 
  • The Dean’s Blog (, aptly titled so, is a ‘Celebration of Teaching and Learning at Rhodes.’  This is an excellent way to stay informed and aware of the faculty (and their work) that your students are learning from and collaborating with. 
  • The Rhodes Community Bulletin ( is an alternate site for information if the main web site is not in service (for example, during a power outage) or in the event of an emergency.