Calling All Parents: Ways You Can Help Rhodes


By Bud Richey, Associate Vice President
and Director of Alumni Relations

Like many colleges and universities, Rhodes has established chapters in the cities where our alumni seem to cluster. We do not limit membership in these chapters to Rhodes alumni. In fact, parents of our students are among our greatest assets in helping to advance the objectives of the college. We welcome your involvement. We need your help.

One area in which we would benefit from your support is in recruiting students. The role of parents is becoming increasingly important as we learned recently from focus groups of high school juniors and seniors conducted in different parts of the country. In short, prospective students want to discover things for themselves in making college-related decisions, but they are often suspicious until someone they trust has vouched for an institution. Thus, we need the parents of our studentsin addition to our alumni and our students themselvesto speak honestly about their experiences and observations about Rhodes.

While recruiting students is given attention as something that everyone can do, there are other areas in which we can match willingness of parents to help with needs of students and other members of the Rhodes Community.  Should you be in a position to help with the target=_blank>Rhodes Career Network or by target=_blank>hosting an event, please volunteer and know that we appreciate your help.

You do so much now, for which we are grateful.  Rhodes College is richly blessed to have parents who are committed to supporting not only your students but the greater community of the college as well.  Thank you for all you do. 

As an update, in the Fall Parent Newsletter, I asked that you encourage your student to visit the Alumni Relations Office if we may be of help in connecting him/her to alumni in various career fields.  You took me at my word!  We have been pleased to see so many students and ask that you don’t hesitate to urge your student to visit.