Rhodes/UT Neuroscience Research Fellowship


This fellowship provides an opportunity for students with an interest in the Neurosciences to gain extensive research experience at the Neuroscience Institute/Center of Excellence at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center located just ten minutes from the Rhodes campus.

Students must commit to one summer (12 weeks) of full time work as well as 8 to 10 hours per week during the academic year. They will engage in a project that culminates in a formal research report, and students will be required to present their work at regional and/or national meeting. Students will have the opportunity to extend their fellowship for a second summer. Eligible students may conduct Honors Research in their mentor’s lab.

This fellowship is available for students following their second or third year at Rhodes. Housing in the East Village dorms will be available during the summer. Preference will be given to students who are interested in extending this experience beyond the one year commitment.

How to apply?

First, read the descriptions of the research interests of the UT mentors at the link on this page to the right (where there are also hotlinks to the mentors′ webpages.) Based on this information, select a first and second choice for your research mentor, and then download (PDF) and complete the application form by February 3, 2012. Return this form to Dr. Kim Gerecke (Clough 120).

Next, download (PDF) the letter of recommendation form and ask a member of the Rhodes faculty to complete and return this form to Dr. Kim Gerecke by February 3, 2012. You should try to select the Rhodes professor who knows you best, but it is especially helpful if you can solicit this letter from a member of the faculty who has observed (and can comment on) your work in a laboratory.

Although you do not have to be a Neuroscience major, if you are not, you will need to make especially clear in your application why you are interested in this intensive neuroscience research experience and how this will fit into your program of studies are Rhodes and support your career aspirations.

UT faculty will interview applicants in February. Decisions will be made by the end of the month.