Faces of Rhodes

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Kendra Lyons ′14

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Major: Political Science


Extracurricular activities: Delta Delta Delta, Kinney Mentoring and Education Coordinator, Rhodes United for St. Jude

Kendra Lyons ’14 came to Rhodes seeking a liberal arts education and has reaped the benefits of having that experience in the rich urban setting of Memphis (a self- described obsession of hers). Her interests range from political science to journalism to mentoring and education, and her work in the community and in the classroom has driven her to pursue a law degree after she graduates in May. But as she was finishing out her last year at Rhodes, Kendra decided that she wanted to do something fun before she buckled down for law school. Combining skills she learned at Rhodes, both in the classroom and during internships, with her love for journalism, Kendra organized a team of students and created The Grind. The online magazine provides insight into various aspects of Memphis from the perspective of the college student. Writers have banded together to express their love and interest in the city that surrounds Rhodes, from sports, to music, to food. We spoke to Kendra about coming to Rhodes, her journey here, and starting The Grind, which she hopes will encourage other students to learn about Memphis and find, as she did, a “home away from home.”

Produced by Lauren Albright ′16 


Faces of Rhodes - Kendra Lyons from Rhodes College on Vimeo.

Tags: Political Science, New Jersey