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Battle of the Bands

Publication Date: 2/25/2014

On Thursday, February 20, students gathered in the Lynx Lair for one of Rhodes’ most exciting musical traditions, the Battle of the Bands. This year, nine student bands participated, all hoping to make it to the top two spots and receive the coveted prize: the opportunity to play a full set at Rites of Spring the weekend of April 4.

One of the bands that played was Hiding in the Coatrack, composed of members Chandler Schneider ‘15, Nick Dean ‘15, Evan Katz ‘15, Emily Clark ’15, and Cullen Williams ’17. The band formed after Chandler, Nick, and Evan decided that they wanted to be a part of the Battle of the Bands their freshman year. They performed three original songs: “Look After Me,” “Holy Water,” and “Time Traveler.”

“This is our third year doing this, and we’ve always had the goal of winning it before we graduate,” Chandler says. “[Performing is] just the best rush in the world. It’s fun. It makes the angry practices worth it.”

The Rhodes Activities Board (RAB) put on the event, which has been a long time in the making.

“Planning for Battle of the Bands started last semester, probably mid-semester,” Chad Bohls ’15, a member of the RAB Special Events committee, says. “It takes a lot more effort than other events because we have to reach out and find bands. That starts two months in advance.”

While the night does require some extra work, Charlotte Tracy ’16, another member of RAB, doesn’t seem to mind, especially since the night is technically the beginning of Rites of Spring, the Board’s biggest event of the year.

“Tonight is a really special night, not only because we get to hear the student talent that’s on campus, but also because we announce the lineup for Rites of Spring,” Charlotte says. “I’m really excited about both events this year, so it’s been really fun planning and attending this event. It really feels like we’re kicking off Rites right!” 

The Lair was packed to the brim with students, who definitely felt the same energy as those performing.

“I came because I wanted to hear who’s coming for Rites, but the music made me stay,” Alvaz Kaukab ’15 says. “I didn’t expect this many people. I’m so glad there’s a great turnout.”

While the panel of judges—made up of two students and two staff members—deliberated, the lineup for Rites was announced. O.A.R., Pat Green, and G-Eazy will be among those playing at Rhodes in April. The judges then announced the acts that would be joining them: first-place winners The Reckoners, with John McHugh ’14, Fred Lankford ’14, Jake Turner ’16, and Ladd Caballero ‘16, and Hiding in the Coatrack, who placed second in the competition.

Top Photo: The first place band The Reckoners, featuring Ladd Caballero, Jake Turner, Fred Lankford, and John McHugh
Bottom Photo: Hiding in the Coatrack members Evan Katz, Chandler Schneider, Emily Clark, Cullen Williams, Nick Dean