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Top Five New Years Resoutions--And How to Stick to Them

Publication Date: 1/23/2014

By Lauren Albright ′16

A new year, a new you. How many times has that mantra run through your head as another January 1 rolled by, only to be forgotten two weeks later when you find yourself eating cupcakes in bed? Well, this year, don’t fret: we’re going to help you out. Here are five articles that can motivate you to stick to your resolution until 2015.

1. Get those endorphins pumping
A healthier lifestyle is a common New Year’s resolution and Glamour Magazine has some great advice that can help you stay on your exercise track. (Boys, this is for you, too.)

2. Eat more fruits and veggies
Besides exercising more, eating better will help you feel better for the year of 2014. Here are some good tips (and some awesome recipes) to enforce healthy eating habits.

3. Make straight A’s
No more cramming or procrastinating with time management and organization skills. Kick the semester off strong by using these study habits in 2014.

4. Try something new
Step out of your comfort zone and be adventurous this year. Rhodes has plenty of student organizations and clubs that would love to welcome some new faces.

5. Do some community service
Get to know Memphis on a different level through any of the nonprofits around. The Kinney Program has lots of community partners to choose from, so take your pick and do some service!