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Mike Curb Fellows Help Debut An Evening at Elvis’

Publication Date: 12/9/2013

Memphis-based band Star and Micey


In 1956 with proceeds from his hit song “Heartbreak Hotel,” Elvis Presley bought a house in Memphis on Audubon Drive. During the 13 months he lived in this home, Elvis went from being a regional star to being the icon he is remembered as today. In 2006, Rhodes’ Mike Curb Institute for Music became the stewards of the house and now will be using it to host a new concert series called An Evening at Elvis’. This series will host various musicians at the house on Audubon Drive and will have them perform and reflect on their careers in relation to Memphis and the region.

On Nov. 15, the first episode of the Mike Curb sponsored series was filmed featuring a 60-minute performance by the Memphis based band Star and Micey followed by a brief question and answer session. The band commented on the impact that their Memphis origins have had on their music by saying, “Memphis is a mecca of music, and so it’s something to be proud of and something to fight for.” The band members also reflected on some of their musical influences who have prevailed in Memphis referencing Otis Redding as well as Jody Stephens, who was in attendance. They also believe that the Memphis music industry has the ability to return to its bright past, stating that “the talent is there so it is definitely possible.”

The show took place in front of an invited audience of 75 members of the Rhodes community and guests. Eventually, the series will operate on a lottery system, granting an array of Rhodes students the opportunity to see the show.

The series is a student-driven project and depends on Mike Curb fellows to orchestrate each event by contacting each band and managing lighting, sound and publicity for the show. Having students work with the Curb Institute in this way creates a “true collaboration between students, faculty, and staff,” according to Dr. John Bass, director of the Mike Curb Institute. The show is hosted by Molly Whitehorn ’15, Mike Curb student associate and fellow, and filmed by Rhodes students Becca Martin ’15 and Sophia Osella ’14. Students will produce the content into a web-based show and share it through the Curb Archive and online sources such as YouTube.

The content also is featured on Echoes of Memphis, a website developed by Whitehorn that aims to better understand the current story of Memphis music. Whitehorn’s hope for the website is that it will “create a living history of Memphis music through oral histories and other resources.” Bass says that An Evening at Elvis’ allows the Audubon house to serve as a source of entertainment as well as a “center for research of the music in this area.”

View Whitehorn’s website: http://www.echoesofmemphis.com for more interviews with local musicians.

(information compiled by Rhodes Student Associate Sophie Anderson ’15)


Rhodes audience enjoying first Evening at Elvis′ concert

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