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Rhodes Celebrates New Mascot

Publication Date: 9/6/2013

By Ellie Skochdopole ′15

On Sep. 5, the students of Rhodes saw the light—literally.

Brand new field lights installed over the summer illuminated the Crain Football field, which was re-turfed and renamed last year. The PACK, Rhodes’ spirit club, sponsored the field lighting ceremony. Students made posters, ate free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and snapped Instagram shots of the big event.

The most exciting part of the evening came with the unveiling of a brand new mascot costume and the announcement of a new name for Rhodes’ favorite furry friend, formerly known as Maximus. Last week, students were given the opportunity to vote for the new moniker from a list that included names such as Roland, Leonidas, and Reggie. It was revealed at the ceremony that the mascot’s new official name is Leroy.

Check out all the action in the video on the right.



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