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Wisconsin Gubernatorial Recall Sets Stage for Exciting Summer

Publication Date: 1/9/2013

The following is Part IV of a five-part series on internships in D.C. Today, writer Caroline Ponseti ’15 chats with Sam Brobeck.

Sam Brobeck ’15

Sam Brobeck, a sophomore from Nashville, began his summer internship in the middle of a Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election. As an intern for People for the American Way (PFAW), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting equality for all Americans, Sam had direct contact with the electorate.  “We were working on the gubernatorial recall election,” says Sam. “This consisted of canvassing door to door throughout the state, working events such as benefit concerts, awareness movie showings and everything in between.”

Sam spent the time following the election working in PFAW’s home office in D.C., where he wrote blogs for the website and worked with several of the organization’s political programs, including the Young Elected Progressives Program. “I was finding and recruiting local candidates around the country who fit our criteria,” says Sam, “and helping select who to endorse this election cycle.”

Other programs in PFAW enabled Sam to maintain contact with several congressional candidates.  He also attended and helped work several events in D.C. with leaders in the Democratic Party.  Sam’s internship in the Political Department of PFAW influenced his prospective career path. After he graduates, he hopes to work for the political side of a nonprofit organization.

In Part V, learn how you can access these great political possibilities as a student at Rhodes.


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