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Yasmin Mzayek ’13

Yasmin Mzayek ’13

Hometown: Aleppo, Syria; New Orleans
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Music
Research interests: Music perception—how the brain responds to sound and music
Extra-curricular activities: Rhodes jazz band and jazz combo; intern at Stax Music Academy; organized music benefit “Sound Out for Syria;" part of CBU research team—helping collect EEG data; Mike Curb Recording Fellowship

Tell the story of how you got to Rhodes College:

I was born in Syria in 1991, and I lived there until 2000. Coming to America at the age of 9 was definitely a big change for me, and I had no idea what to expect. It was a good change, though, and it really opened up my options for the future. I went to school in New Orleans and fell in love with the city. But, I wanted to go somewhere else after high school because I knew that it was the only way I would gain as much as possible out of my experience in college. I was drawn to Rhodes because of the opportunities it has for exploring many different disciplines.

How have you changed since beginning your studies at Rhodes College?

When I first came to Rhodes, I had no idea what area of study I wanted to pursue. After taking a broad range of classes and studying abroad in Spain I decided I wanted to do Neuroscience and Music in the hopes of someday integrating both disciplines. Now I’m more involved in my area of study, and I can see myself being involved in music throughout my life because it has become more than just a hobby for me. I am definitely more confident in my ability to pursue challenging endeavors.

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