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Remembering Our Rhodes Family

Publication Date: 12/5/2012

Every hour, the Halliburton Tower bell rings across these 100 acres, reminding us all of our privileged place on this beautiful campus.

Tomorrow, at noon, the bell will toll for five full minutes in remembrance of the more than 100 members of the Rhodes family lost to us this year—beloved faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, grandparents and friends, all of whom meant so much to this college, and many of whom lived, taught and studied to the daily rhythm of the Halliburton Tower bell.

Thomas DeWitt Abbott ′00
M. Robert Aborn ′52
Lavonne Dill Adkisson P′95
Fran Perkins Alexander P′07, P′10, P′12
William B. Allen, Sr. ′53, P′79
Thad M. Amacker ′67
Randolph A. Ashley, Jr. ′50
E. Rush Barrett, Jr.
Dhane Basom ′52
Marabeth Ruch Belenski ′52
Ann Bell ′41
Carolyn Prewitt Bell ′45
Sam B. Blair ′50
Rosa Landess Bourland ′40
Louise Clarke Bowles ′44
Elizabeth Jones Bradford ′37
William F. Bruce ′11
George Bugbee, Jr. ′50
Gene E. Canestrari ′50
Rosanna Cappellato
Ewing Carruthers, Jr. ′39, P′75
Venita Saunders Cater ′56
Joseph P. Cavallo ′61
Joyce Christy G′14
Jannyne Martin Clark P′12
F. Ann Turrentine Cleveland ′45
R. Roy Coats ′55
Margaret Griffin Cogswell P′69, P′71, P′73, P′79
Ruth Wright Conn ′44
Benjamin H. Crawford, Jr. ′63
Jerry W. Crick ′73
J. Millen Darnell ′50
George Darrow P’16
Ella Ruth Davis P′67
Jane de Witt P′91
E.T. Dickerson
Richard B. Dixon ′50
Theodore B. Dobbs ′50
Janet H. Downie P′86
Joe A. Dycus ′65, P′97
Margaret Ann Fagan Eikner ′57, P′87
Ann Marmann Episcopo ′57
Joann Ballou Farrar ′52
Katrina McCall Flowers ′37, P′68
William W. Ford, Jr. ′55
W. Edward Foshee GP′16
David B. Fox ′44
Edward B. Fox, Jr. ′51
Mary Worrall Frissell ′44
Jane C. Futris ′38
Virginia Ann Gates ′42
Douglas S. Goodman ′69
Robert E. Gotschall ′65, P′91
Peter R. Hale ′60
Florence Wood Haverty ′51
Letitia Montgomery Haygood ′39
Anne Marie Orgill Heuer ′39
David M. Hilliard, Jr. ′56
Jim T. Holmes ′57
Susan Saunders Howorth P′11
Elizabeth Price Johnson ′54
Jo Alice Page Johnson ′48
Nell Elmore Johnston ′69
Will Johnston, Jr. ′55
Virginia Ragsdale Keller ′40
Nancy Kenley
William M. Kennedy ′42
John N. Kopsinis ′58
Roy Kulp, Jr. ′69
John A. Lackmann ′62
Ann Field Lalley ′47
Billy W. Landers ′61
Frank E. Lankford GP′14
Elizabeth Hood Lightfoot ′49
Elizabeth Holder Little ′41
Guerino Luciani GP’16
Douglas S. Marsh ′54
John E. Mays ′56
Wallace H. Mayton, Jr. ′40, P′70, P′72
Wanda Jo Henry McDaniel ′52
Sandra Marwood McGlade ′60
Mary Myers McMillan ′53, P′85
John H. McMinn, III ′68
William A. McWeeny ′60
Paul E. Meyers ′01
Vive Walker Montgomery ′42
Marion Dickson Moorhead ′41, P′72, GP′97, GP′98
Hylton S. Neill ′39, P′69
Frank M. Norfleet P′66, GP′12
William Samuel Nowlin ′93
Tony Kimball Pace, Jr. P′12
H. Lynn Parsons ′65
Sherwood B. Pate
Jane McAtee Patterson ′50
Sandol Douglas Patteson ′54
Evlyn Belcher Pearson ′41
Charles Perry ′40
Celia Pharis P′67, P′70
Joseph B. Pierce ′72
Margaret Carter Jones Pingree ′55
Arnold Hey Pittman ′67, P′07
Andrew D. Ponader ′14
John Alden Pond, Sr. ′40, P′68, P′71, P′74
Paul W. Pritchartt ′58, P′84
Nancy Robinson Reeves ′48
Donald C. Riemenschneider, Jr. P ′99
Mae Jean Igou Roberts ′48
Hillary Elizabeth Robson ′14
Daudet Johnston Schreurs ′68
Patsy Martak Seabrook ′60
Norman D. Shapiro ′38, P′80
L. Douglas Shelton ′78
Jerry L. Shenep ′73
Rebecca Laughlin Sherman ′38
Dayton P. Sorsby ′47
Coleman R. Starnes
Fredrika Moore Stevenson ′40
James Madison Strickland P′09
Brian F. Sudderth ′77
Jack H. Taylor ′44, P′68, P′71, P′74
Jack H. Taylor, Jr. ′68
Joyce Thompson ′62
Robert O. Utter ′49
Reba Mostellar Vetter ′50
Wendy R. Walker ′86
Jacqueline Roland Weigand ′52
Ann James Weldon ′45
Deborah Williamson Witt ′77
J. Matthew Wohlfarth ′97
Bess Millen Wolf P′61, P′69
Francis Fairley Cunningham Wooley ′56
Jessamine Grimes Younger ′43

P = Parent of a current or former student
G = Grandparent of a current student

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Shauna Morris December 6, 2012

A moving tribute. Thank you!

Margaret Cogswell-Kolb December 6, 2012

This is such a thoughtful and moving tribute. We extend a heart full of thanks to you and all. Wish I could hear them toll--but will stop at noon to listen here in NYC anyway!

Michael Epps December 5, 2012

Like my old friends Jeannette and Hannah, I really appreciate the tribute and your calling our attention to it, John.

Rebecca Knack December 5, 2012

A lovely tribute. Thank-you.

Vicki Kanawalsky Gore ′73 December 5, 2012

Thank you for sharing with us this very special occasion and remembrance of past Rhodes family members.

Jeannette Birge December 5, 2012

Thank you so much for sending this out. I wish I were there to hear the bell...I know it will be very moving.

Hannah Simmons Pickworth December 5, 2012

What a nice tribute. Thanks for allowing us all to remember so many fine people who have been a part of Rhodes.