Faces of Rhodes

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Stanton Brown ′14

Stanton Brown

Hometown: Millington, TN
Major: Commerce and Business
Research interests: Marketing
Extra-curricular activities: Varsity Football, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Event Management Committee

Tell the story of how you got to Rhodes College.
All of my college choices in high school were centered on playing football, and I never really gave much thought to Rhodes until the football coach offered me a chance to play. Then once he informed me of how well-respected Rhodes was academically across the nation, I knew I could not pass up the opportunity.

How have you changed since beginning your studies at Rhodes College?
Rhodes has altered my perception of the world in a very positive manner. I have developed a habit of assessing situations from multiple angles, both academically and culturally, in order to find the best solution.

How has being a part of athletics shaped your time at Rhodes?
It has thoroughly increased my time-management skills, and it has reminded me of how fortunate I am just to have the ability to be a part of an organization that is bigger than me.

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Lisa December 6, 2012

So proud of you Stanton!!!

Kathryn Pittmon December 3, 2012

Time-management is a huge factor in how we progress in life, both personally, professionally, and academically. keep up the good work. Love you!!

Kaniesha December 3, 2012

So proud of you