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Student Takes on D.C. Internship and Receives Course Credit

Publication Date: 11/28/2012

by Caroline Ponseti ′15

Alexa Cline ’14

Alexa Cline, a junior from Franklin, TN, balanced both a D.C. internship and a course load last summer as a participant in the American University Washington Semester Summer Internship Program, which Rhodes Career Services introduced her to. She interned at the National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC) four days a week and took a Justice and Law class on her day off. 

The NJDC is a policy-based organization that helps train attorneys and advocates for youth justices.  “I chose to intern at the NJDC because it seemed like an organization that I could benefit from by learning the laws and background knowledge for juvenile court,” says Alexa, who is pursuing a career in juvenile law. “While at my internship, I was able to research juvenile justice laws from different states, examine the different ways youth are handled by the justice system, and research both why youth become involved in illegal activities and what happens to them after,” explains Alexa. 

Alexa’s intern experience solidified her desire for a career with plenty of contact with people. “D.C. is phenomenal and provides plenty of opportunities to establish connections for your future career,” says Alexa. “I would advise anybody that wants to intern in D.C. to either enroll in a program to gain a political science credit like I did or find another way to intern and spend the summer there.”


In Part III, we will see from Chip Slawson ’14 that, sometimes, one internship just isn’t enough.


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