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Jaws Drop at Site of Renovated Dining Hall

Publication Date: 11/8/2012

One of the most beloved gathering spots on campus is the Catherine Burrow Refectory, commonly know as The Rat. A renovation over the summer resulted in a spectacular reopening for returning students.

Rhodes College Diplomat and Student Trustee Robbie Cook ’13 will tell you he loves to bring friends and visitors by the Rat whenever he’s on campus.

“Every time I’m with someone who has just walked into the Rat for the first time this year, I feel like they spend the first 30 seconds with their mouth open,” says Cook. “Then I’ll show them the dining areas and the new servery and they’ll be even more amazed. There really is a feeling that this is something new and exciting happening on campus.”

The Refectory now features a brand new servery, which is approximately three times larger than the previous two serving areas combined. Other highlights include refinished dining room furniture, a remodeled entrance, and a new lounge featuring couches and a fireplace. The facility boasts a new main kitchen downstairs along with exhibition-style cooking upstairs. Cook says that in addition to the improved food, he appreciates the attention to detail and the incorporation of many aspects of the old Rat into the new facility.

“I love the new servery, but also how [the architects] decided to keep a lot of the details that really made the Refectory unique,” says Cook. “For such a spectacular school, we deserve a place to eat that is equally fantastic. The Rat has always been the hub of campus, and now it really speaks to what kind of institution Rhodes is.”

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